Copper tungsten sheet


1.Tungsten sheet is widely used in aerospace, electronics, lighting, medical equipment, vacuum coating, electric vacuum stove electrode, heat insulation screen, etc as the radiation shielding material and radiation-protective equipment.

1.Tungsten sheet adopts the material tungsten with a high purity of 99.9%;
2.Surface of tungsten sheet has metallic silver luster;
3.Its radiation shielding effect is equivalent to that of lead plate;
4.The density of tungsten sheet is higher than 19.1g/cm3;
5. Our tungsten sheet can be as thin as 0.05mm ;
6. Tungsten sheet from Achemetal is under vacuum annealing and leveling before delivery;
7. Our tungsten sheet is approved by ASTM B 386-2003 and GB 3876-2007 and GB 3877-2006.